Welcome. If you are a survivor, please know you are welcome here. If you are a friend, or just curious about sexual abuse of boys and men and the impact it can have on survivors, we welcome you to our community as well.

One thing that MaleSurvivor has learned over many years is that healing from the trauma of sexual abuse IS possible. But healing is difficult, if not impossible, without hope and support from others. We also know that just as every survivor’s story is unique, so to will be the path they take on their healing journey. Therefore we invite you to take time to review all the resources we offer and find the right sources of support for yourself – whether it be with a licensed therapist in your community, connecting with other survivors in our peer-moderated discussion forums and chat room, attending a MaleSurvivor sponsored event – or some mixture of all of these.

Hope Healing and Support Team – a free, confidential resource for male survivors, comprised of doctoral trainees in clinical psychology programs.Team members are available to provide referrals and other key resources.

Therapist Directory – MaleSurvivor’s Therapist Directory is a listing of hundreds of mental health professionals from around the United States and elsewhere who work with male survivors of sexual abuse.

Support Group Directory – A listing of both therapist led and peer led support groups.

Peer Support Guide

MS Discussion Forums – A worldwide community of thousands of survivors and partners in healing. The forums are peer moderated and have subforums for a number of specific topics. They are an essential resource for many survivors and their loved ones who are  looking to connect with and learn from other survivors.

Resource Directory – Links to International National resources and websites of partners in the work of healing.

Healing Events – Male Survivor offers a variety of healing events each year. Events have different points of emphasis, different approaches, and are located throughout the U.S.

HopeHealingSupport Team
– Have a general question about trauma, abuse, and/or healing? You can email us here.

It is often said that healing from sexual abuse is a marathon, not a sprint. Often male survivors fear that there is nothing that they can do to escape the pain of their trauma. Nothing could be further from the truth! Healing from the the trauma and pain caused by abuse is possible.

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You are not alone. It was not your fault. It is possible to heal. It is not too late.