Many Ways to Support MaleSurvivor

MaleSurvivor is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 that is fully-funded through charitable donations from individual donors like you. For 25 years, we have helped male survivors of sexual trauma find the strength they need to reclaim control of their lives — but we haven’t done it alone. Thousands of people just like you have helped make our mission possible through their generous support.

Select the donation programs that work best for you.

Donate to Malesurvivor

Help us build the future of MaleSurvivor. Our fund drive launched April 2020 and allows you to direct your support to one of three initiatives. These initiatives are described on the fundraiser page below. This method is tax-deductible and you can specify how you want the donation funds to be used by MaleSurvivor. Click the image above or the orange button below:

Upgrade Your MaleSurvivor Membership

Upgrade your MaleSurvivor membership to a paid annual member and receive exclusive access to the paid-members-only MaleSurvivor Support Forum and topics. This is a private support forum section is for men sexually abused as children that is not open to the general public or guests and NOT indexed by search engines. It adds an additional layer of safety and security to create a special place for survivors to share and heal. Go to Upgrade Membership.

Facebook Fundraisers for MaleSurvivor

Periodically, Facebook users create Facebook Fundraisers to benefit MaleSurvivor. Follow this link to search a current list of active and recent Facebook Fundraisers: Facebook Fundraisers for MaleSurvivor.

Use GoodSearch & Donate to MaleSurvivor

Use this link to the search portal GoodSearch and GoodSearch will direct a 1-cent donation to MaleSurvivor. GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo!, a familiar and trusted search engine. As you use GoodSearch you will see their logo at the top right of the screen. Be sure to use this link as it is encoded with MaleSurvivor’s charity. Go to GoodSearch. Bookmark it! Use it and earn donations for MaleSurvivor.

Shop at GoodShop & Donate to MaleSurvivor

Sign up with GoodShop and select MaleSurvivor as your charity. Deals can be found at many major retailers, including Amazon coupons. Go to Goodshop.

You are not alone. It was not your fault. It is possible to heal. It is not too late.