The Hope Healing and Support (HHS) Team

Informed and compassionate answers to your questions about sexual abuse, trauma, and healing are now just an email away.

To Contact the MaleSurvivor HHS Team: Email your request to [email protected] or fill out the form below

Finding informed answers to your questions about sexual abuse, trauma, and healing can be difficult. MaleSurvivor has partnered with TRIP (the Trauma Resolution and Integration Program at Nova Southeastern University) to create the Hope, Healing, and Support Team.

MaleSurvivor’s HHS Team is a FREE, confidential email resource to the public. The HHS team is staffed by doctoral trainees in clinical psychology who have been specifically prepared to provide support to survivors of sexual and/or physical abuse, single incident trauma, and individuals experiencing problems resulting from dissociative experiences. They have also received specific training in male sexual abuse issues from MaleSurvivor personnel.

MaleSurvivor’s HHS Team can provide answers to your questions about:

  • MaleSurvivor’s resources
  • Male sexual abuse facts
  • Impact of sexual abuse on survivors and loved ones
  • Trauma and Healing
  • Resources to aid your progress toward recovery

The HHS Team DOES NOT provide clinical or counseling support services. MaleSurvivor strongly suggests survivors seek the guidance of a mental health professional for any of your needs beyond the stated purposes of the HHS Team.

The HHS TEAM is NOT A HOT LINE. If you need need immediate help and are at risk of harm please call 911 or go to an emergency room.

The National Sexual Assault Hotline (1.800.656.HOPE) and Online Hotline ( offer free, safe and confidential help 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK
National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453 (Call this number for help if you have been abused, suspect a child or teenager is being sexually abused, or if you are an abuser.)
Covenant House (Youth and Parents) 800-999-9999
Anti-Violence Project (LGBT support) 212-714-1141

Visit our Resource Directory for more resource options.

This program created by Nova Southeastern University’s Psychological Services Center treats individuals age 18 and above who have been exposed to a traumatic situation and are currently experiencing problems in functioning as a result of the traumatic experience. Examples of traumatic situations include childhood abuse, rape, physical assault, or a life-threatening accident or injury that creates ongoing distress that interferes with day-to-day functioning and maintaining satisfactory interpersonal relationships.
HHS Team Volunteers are doctoral level students in the TRIP program, and overseen by senior members of the TRIP faculty and staff. They have also received training by MaleSurvivor personnel. The HHS Team can provide information on resources however, they do not provide clinical or counseling services.

Please note:

  • All inquiries are kept strictly confidential. MaleSurvivor, TRIP, and Nova Southeastern University will not share information about you with anyone.
  • MaleSurvivor, TRIP and Nova Southeastern University reserve the right to retain anonymized data on usage patterns of this resource.
  • When returning emails the HHS team member will identify him or herself as a member of the MaleSurvivor HHS team.
  • MaleSurvivor HHS team members follow the duty to warn policy. This means that if an individual makes a credible threat of violence to someone, we are bound to report that information to the authorities.

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