In addition to the Board of Directors, MaleSurvivor is guided by an Advisory Board, as dictated the MaleSurvivor by-laws:

Section 3. Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee or Advisory Board may be comprised of such individuals as the Board of Directors shall deem fit to serve thereon for either a particular duration for a particular project or occurrence or a formal term.  These individuals shall be non-voting, ex-officio members of the Board of Directors and shall have neither legal liability nor personal liability to the Corporation for their acts or omissions.  Rather, they will serve in an Advisory capacity for their particular project or occurrence or for their formal term and shall assist the Board with the rendering of certain decisions, upon the latter’s request.  They shall not be counted for purposes of quorum, nor shall they vote.  They shall not be present at Special Meetings of the Board of Directors, and shall generally be invitees to all Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors only at the discretion of the Board Chair (or President). The Advisory Committee may not vote and is not authorized to act or conduct any business on behalf of the Corporation, whatsoever.

Advisory Board Members

Richard Gartner – Chairperson

Advisory Board Members listed alphabetically:

Shira M. Berkovits
Christine Courtois

Jane Flinn
Howard Fradkin

Steven Gold
Marci Hamilton

Larry Morris
Michael Quiñones

Andrew Shubin
Mark Spindelman

Karen Terry
Eli Zal

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