IVAT 25th International Virtual Summit

IVAT San Diego, CA, United States

25th San Diego International Virtual Summit Transforming Trauma into Triumph Linking Research, Practice, Policy and Advocacy OVER 120 SPEAkERS Nationally and internationally recognized presenters and local practitioners assemble to discuss the latest research, assessment methods, interventions. and prevention strategies for those who have been traumatized, abused, and/or victimized OVER 130 SESSIONS The latest research on. . .

Webinar of Recovery: Trauma in Men & Boys who have been Trafficked

MaleSurvivor Webinar of Recovery

The webinar will center around a workshop focused on trauma in male victims of sex trafficking. Webinar will be led by Steven Procopio, founder of the first free-standing U.S. program serving sexually exploited boys and adolescent males. He is a trainer and consultant with the National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center (NHTTAC) and has served on the Victim's Services Subcommittee. . .


Webinar of Recovery: Bystanders — They who indirectly promote male sexual predation

Major institutions-schools, religious institutions, sports programs, etc.- unwittingly, provide opportunities for predators, and even indirectly promote sexual predation within their own ranks, all under the gaze of bystanders. This webinar will explore the covert ways that males are victimized and offer possibilities for limiting or eliminating such avenues for predation by focusing on the role of bystanders. Amos Guiora, PhD For the. . .