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Survivor and Family Services Survivors - If you are a survivor of sexual assault or abuse, our staff members and volunteers are here specifically for you. It doesn’t matter when the assault occurred or whether you’re male, female, gay or straight, rich or poor, child, teen or adult. We’re here to help you and provide unconditional support. We help you deal with the immediate situation by providing information on important decisions such as reporting the crime and getting medical attention and counseling. We meet you at the hospital when you go for your medical exam. We’ll be there for you while you talk with law enforcement personnel, and we’ll go with you to court, if you decide to pursue legal action. Sexual assault or abuse can have profound effects upon your work and your personal relationships. It can change the way you view even the most ordinary aspects of everyday life. But research shows that counseling helps survivors progress more quickly and effectively in their recovery. We can help you work through the experience, so you can begin the healing process and begin to cope with the assault’s impact on your life. Our follow-up services include referrals, group counseling sessions and support in dealing with law enforcement agencies and the court system. Other Services – We also offer clinical in-services and other professional development opportunities for those who work with survivors. And we work with other community service agencies, physical and metal health officials, law enforcement groups, and school personnel. Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands operates within Richland, Lexington and Newberry counties. We work closely with Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital, Palmetto Baptist Medical Center, Providence Hospital, Lexington Medical Center, Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Fort Jackson and Newberry Memorial Hospital. Our goals are public education, awareness, risk reduction, and treatment for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. We want to help build supportive communities where survivors feel free to disclose their experience and get the help they need. We want society to focus on assailants instead of survivors, making conviction more likely. We want to arm citizens with the truth about rape, so they can reduce their own risk of assault. We want assailants to know their behavior will not be tolerated. We want to end the silence so we can end the suffering. Specifically our services include: 1. 24-hotline (803-771-RAPE) for people who want to talk to a supportive person about their sexual abuse or trauma 2. Hospital accompaniment by our staff or trained volunteer victim advocate for a person who has been raped or sexually abused. 3. Court accompaniment 4. Individual counseling or therapy - support or therapy groups for men, women and children - educational programs to schools and community groups ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE.
You are not alone. It was not your fault. It is possible to heal. It is not too late.