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Jim Struve, LCSW

Agency Name: Jim Struve, LCSW
Name: Jim Struve, LCSW
Business Address: 1399 South 700 East
Business Address 2: Suite 2
City: Salt Lake City
State: UT
ZIP Code: 84105
Country: us
Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 801-364-57001
Business Fax: 801-532-4598
Degree Name/Type: MSW
Name of School: Atlanta University
Year Graduated In: 1981
Major: Clinical Social Work
Licensed In State: UT
Certified in State: UT
Years of Clinic Experience: 36
Years of Experience with Victims: 36

Jim Struve, LCSW is a psychotherapist in private practice in Salt Lake City. With special attention to mindful presence in the healing relationship, Jim works with a wide range of client issues, including trauma and sexual victimization, relationship enhancement, healthy life choices, parenting, and addiction recovery. He has been a core member of the Weekend of Recovery Facilitator Team since 2003 and Co-Chair since 2010. He has considerable experience working with the full spectrum of dissociative disorders. Prior to re-locating to Salt Lake City in 2003, Jim was in private practice in Atlanta since 1981. He was the Chairperson of the 2nd National Conference on Male Sexual Victimization ( 1989) and he was a member of the founding Board for Male Survivor:NOMSV. He regularly conducts workshops and groups and he has several publications about topics related to male sexual abuse. In addition to his mental health activities, Jim maintains a commitment to physical health thru active participation in a variety of recreational pursuits, including running, skiing, biking, and backpacking

I offer therapy groups for male survivors only: Yes
I offer a free initial consultation appointment.: No
I offer a sliding scale fee for survivors in need: Yes
I accept most major insurance carriers.: No
Other Information: I accept UNI Behavioral Health + I am available for out of network reimbursement for companies that allow that option; I accept payments from Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Medical Plans; I accept special case arrangements for clients whose policies allow for that; I maintain availability for 1/3 of my caseload to be sliding scale payments, for clients with limited financial resources or financial hardship – please check with Jim if you want more information about any of these options.
You are not alone. It was not your fault. It is possible to heal. It is not too late.