Therapist Directory

Dr. Stan Gassaway, PhD

Agency Name: Dr. Stan Gassaway, PhD
Name: Clinical Psychologist
Business Address: SW 15th St & Morgan Road
City: Oklahoma City
State: OK
ZIP Code: 73103
Business Phone Number: 405 553-9885
Therapy Languages: English
Degree Name/Type: Ph.D. Psychology
Name of School: New School for Social Research
Year Graduated In: 2001
Major: Clinical Psychology
Licensed In State: OK
Certified in State: NY
Years of Clinic Experience: 10
Years of Experience with Victims: 6

When the parent or loved ones we trusted to protect and to understand our hearts and minds have instead abused, or exploited that innocent trust, our mental life becomes complicated and painful; as adults, we may find ourselves too unstable to be in relationships, and we sometimes have to engage in disturbing behaviors just to �set things right.�

I offer therapy groups for male survivors only: No
I offer a free initial consultation appointment.: Yes
I offer a sliding scale fee for survivors in need: No
I accept most major insurance carriers.: No
Other Information: Therapy with me unfolds as an empathic process. This means that I reflect feelings back to you that you may be struggling with ownership of. As we hold these difficult emotional experiences together, they become more tolerable, and it becomes possible to feel “whole” again.
You are not alone. It was not your fault. It is possible to heal. It is not too late.