• We’re planning our next major conference for 2021 It will mirror our groundbreaking series of biennial conferences that were available in years past. These events featured programs designed for therapists and male survivors. Participants benefitted significantly from the conferences, as the events served platforms for mutual learning and a rich exchange of ideas and insights.
  • The MaleSurvivor Dare to Dream program will be transitioned to a subscriber-based Webinar series. More details are coming soon on topics, presenters and the series schedule.
  • The MaleSurvivor website continues to include an easy-to-access – and frequently updated Therapist Directory. It’s a great tool for finding professional help and Therapist Directory support.
  • Our community of volunteers is expanding. You’re invited to join us as we enhance our current service and support efforts today, and create a path to future success and impact. Interested in volunteering in some capacity? Contact: murray.schane@malesurvivor.org.
  • Our Hope Healing and Support Team is a free, confidential resource for male survivors, and comprised of doctoral trainees in clinical psychology programs. Team members are available to provide referrals and other key resources.
You are not alone. It was not your fault. It is possible to heal. It is not too late.