MaleSurvivor forged a commitment to men healing from trauma from the very start — not just by creating a place where they could be heard, recognized, validated, and supported, but also by providing a platform for healing online and in person.

Our biennial conferences offered opportunities for sharing, learning, educating, and healing. The conferences established a unique collaboration between clinical professionals and survivors that facilitated a healing environment while also advancing knowledge about the experience of survivors and expanding ideas about methods and means for healing.

We intend to revise and reinvent our conference format.

We are proud to see that today many organizations have emerged to educate and inform the world about the lasting trauma of sexual abuse. We look forward to collaborating with many of them to advance the needs of male survivors, to encourage prevention, and to increase and improve opportunities for healing.

We are preparing to leap forward with special attention to men who have survived abuse in specific contexts and specific identities: men who belong to racial minorities; gay, queer and trans men; men who were trafficked; men suffering addiction; men abused in faith communities; men in the military; and men in prisons.

Check frequently for updates as we work out the details of a major conference next year in New York for male survivors and therapists who specialize in treating them.

We are an army of healers with our hands joined to survivors. We work together and always will.

You are not alone. It was not your fault. It is possible to heal. It is not too late.