Veterans and Active Duty Military Statement

We at MaleSurvivor are compelled to reach out to those who have served in the US military as well as those who are currently serving and defending our interests throughout the world. In recent years, months and especially the past few days, the value of your service and sacrifice has been questioned by the Commander-in-Chief according to multiple sources and reported by several reputable news agencies. MaleSurvivor will not engage in political conversation or debate regarding these reports. Our concern is focused on the effect this situation has on the morale and support of those who are putting everything on the line for us as well as those who have served honorably in the past.

A simple “Thank you for your service” can ring hollow and trite for those who stepped forward and answered the call to serve. Such words fall far short of meaningful support. Some of us on the board are veterans, and we are keenly aware that the transactional world which defines our economic philosophies and prosperity would simply not be possible without the non-transactional world of service that laid its foundation. The world of men and women who understand sacrifice – and whose answer to “What’s in it for me?” is simple. Honor. Courage. Commitment. Pride. Those values are not transactional. They are intrinsic.

Many survivors of sexual abuse on this site have served. We have an active military forum for those with a connection to service in the armed forces to discuss their experiences of abuse, whether suffered during their time in the military or in their childhood. Like the military itself, MaleSurvivor is a brotherhood. We are survivors helping survivors. We understand the devastation of silence from those who should speak out for us. And the importance of support from those who will listen. We are here for you. And please know that for many of us, the depth of our appreciation for what you do and what you have done is fathomless.

The MaleSurvivor Board of Directors, on behalf ourselves and the over 14,000 registrants and members of

You are not alone. It was not your fault. It is possible to heal. It is not too late.