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“The human heart has a way of making itself large again even after it’s been broken into a million pieces.” Robert James Waller, The Bridges of Madison Country

Many male survivors of sexual trauma fear that the scars and the pain they have carried silently for so long can never heal. That is simply not true. For more 20 years MaleSurvivor has been helping inform, encourage, and empower male survivors and their loved ones to make progress on the healing journey. While we cannot make the past any different than it was, we can learn to live joyfully in the present and work for a better future for ourselves and for others.

Connecting with other survivors and learning you are not alone is often the first step. Here are some places where you can start your journey.

Seeds of Hope – a helpful framework for thinking about what healing from trauma requires of us.

Tips for when you are feeling triggered one of the most read posts from the MaleSurvivor Discussion Forums that has some good information on triggers and some self care tips.

A Consumers Guide To Therapist Shopping

Therapist Directory – MaleSurvivor’s Therapist Directory is a listing of hundreds of mental health professionals from around the United States and elsewhere who work with male survivors of sexual abuse.

Support Group Directory – A listing of both therapist led and peer led support groups.

MS Discussion Forums – A worldwide community of thousands of survivors and partners in healing. The forums are peer moderated and have subforums for a number of specific topics. They are an essential resource for many survivors and their loved ones who are looking to connect with and learn from other survivors.

Resource Directory – Links to International National resources and websites of partners in the work of healing.

Healing Events – Male Survivor provides a range of healing events for survivors and their families.

HopeHealingSupport Team – Have a question about trauma, abuse, and/or healing?  You can email our trained team of volunteers.