Policy Regarding Transgender and Intersex Participants

MaleSurvivor is committed to healing the sexual victimization of boys and men. However, MaleSurvivor recognizes that gender, as well as sexuality, exists on a continuum and many survivors of sexual assault may identify anywhere on this continuum, including being transgender or intersex. MaleSurvivor wants to honor this diversity while preserving the Weekends of Recovery as a space to heal in a community of men. It is our belief that the design of the Weekends of Recovery can best be utilized by individuals who currently identify as male and who want to heal in a male-identified space.

Any questions or concerns about the above policy may be directed to Howard Fradkin, PhD, at hfradkin@malesurvivor.org or Jim Struve, LCSW, jimstruve@malesurvivor.org co-chairs of the Weekends of Recovery.