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Greetings from the WOR Facilitator Team:

We are hopeful you will find the following instructions helpful in accessing the transportation forum for your upcoming WOR.

A few reminders: MaleSurvivor provides this forum as an optional way for you to share rides to and from the WOR, whether you are interested in providing a ride or needing a ride. While we have had many participants use this site successfully to share rides, it is important to understand that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to arrange a ride using this forum. The website description for the WOR you are attending also has information about alternative taxi/limo services you can also use to get to and from the WOR. Unfortunately, our staff nor Trisha Massa, our Community Outreach Director, can assist you with arranging rides. If you are having technical trouble accessing the site, you can contact our webmaster, Nathan, at webmaster@malesurvivor.org.

For complete instructions that will enable you to access the transportationn forum, please click here.

Jim Struve and Howard Fradkin, Co-Chairs