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MaleSurvivor is providing this list within or close to the geographical area that you have specified. We are merely providing these names for your convenience and do not endorse any of the individuals listed nor do we make any judgment about the appropriateness of any therapist for your particular needs. The people on the list have shown enough interest in the field of sexual abuse recovery to ask to be listed in our directory. You should expect to gather your own information about the level of skill, interest, experience and/or other qualities of the people listed as you make your own decision about a psychotherapist.

Unfortunately, due to the costs involved, no attempt is made by MaleSurvivor to do background investigations, police checks, or to do any level of checking into a person's level of expertise, scope of professional competence and/or malpractice history, although we do make an initial check for proof of insurance, licensure, and for unlicensed persons we check proof of current membership in a professional organization. MaleSurvivor does request that each professional comply with their own professional code of ethics, but no attempt is made by MaleSurvivor to check the accuracy of their compliance.

MaleSurvivor strongly suggests you read A Consumer's Guide to Therapist Shopping. These steps can provide you with another way to empower yourself and prevent yourself from being victimized again.

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