January 21, 2014 - Boston, MA; Sharon Imperato, LMHC; Peter Botteas, MA, LMHC, CCC Male Victimization Across the Lifespan Forum https://www.facebook.com/MassMOVA/

March 4-6 - Omaha, NE Christopher Anderson, Speaking of Children Conference Effectively Engaging with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse https://www.projectharmony.com/events/speaking_of_children

March 5-8 - New York, NY; Christopher Anderson, American Men's Studies Conference Workshop TBA http://mensstudies.org/?page_id=941

March 6-7 - Palm Springs, CA Dr. Howard Fradkin, It Happens to Boys Conference http://www.creativechangeconferences.com/index.html

March 10 - Sacramento, CA; Christopher Anderson Effectively Engaging with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
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March 11 - Santa Barbara, CA; Christopher Anderson Effectively Engaging with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
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April 24 - Boston, MA - Christopher Anderson; Victim's Rights Conference

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Professional Trainings

MaleSurvivor offers a growing number of trainings appropriate for professionals from a wide range of disciplines including mental health practitioners, social workers, medical staff, law enforcement and prosecution, and lay audiences as well.

Since 2012 MaleSurvivor has brought training and awareness programs to thousands of professionals at conferences and service programs across North America. We offer both clinical and non-clinical training programs to help professionals, parents, and peers learn more about male survivors of sexual abuse and the best practices to provide them with hope, healing, and support.

With decades of experience helping thousands of male survivors and their loved ones find a way through the pain of abuse MaleSurvivor clinicians and survivors are the most qualified subject matter experts available.

Speakers are available to on the following topics:

Breaking the Silence: Healing the Shame of Male Survivors of Sexual Victimization

A full-day training for clinicians*, social workers*, advocates and staff who want more information on working with male survivors of sexual abuse.

The 6 hour course can be offered as a single full day, or two half-day sessions for attendees, depending on logistical needs. We can also cut down the content to fit into shorter time period and offered on a recurring basis. (*CE's can also be arranged for professional groups.)

Click here to download full information on our Breaking the Silence Training including a course outline, learning objectives, costs and whom to contact inquire about setting up a training for your organization or group.

Ten Things You Should Know About Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Effectively Engaging Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Presented from the point of view of a survivor himself, these presentations touch on the essential points to be mindful of when working with a male survivor of sexual abuse and provide powerful insights into how to better help male survivor populations engage in the work of healing.

Ten Things Partners of Male Survivors Should Know

Created with the input of male survivors, intimate partners, and other family members, the Ten Things for Partners will help foster better communication and understanding between survivors and their loved ones.

Hope, Healing, and Support: The elements of recovery

This presentation gives a paradigm for thinking about recovery from abuse and trauma that is gender inclusive, inspiring, and extremely powerful.

For more information and pricing for MaleSurvivor training sessions, please contact Community Outreach Director Trisha Massa at tmassa@malesurvivor.org or Executive Director Christopher M. Anderson at canderson@malesurvivor.org today.

Feedback from recent MaleSurvivor Trainings:

"I liked the fact that the workshop was focused on methods and was very intercultural. For instance the do's and dont's of working with a victim. In addition, the workshop gave a very dignified and respectful overview of male survivors based on good facts and stats."

"I don't know what my favourite or least favourite part of the workshop was. However, I would like to say that I came away more enlightened about the topic of male survivors. I work with males who are on parole and I didn't make the connection that many of them are likely survivors, some who haven't had the opportunity to begin addressing this issue."

"I have been waiting for this topic to be discussed at length for some time. I have been taking female based tools and adapting them to the sexually abused males who are treated in my clinic. I appreciated the strength and honesty of the presenter, but also was grateful for his dedication to providing specific support for male sexual abuse survivors which included providing specific education to mental health providers."

If you would like to bring any of these trainings, our Dare to Dream awareness program, or a Weekend of Recovery to your community. Our trainings can be custom tailored to fit the needs of any audience, and we are happy to discuss creating specific content for your group. Rates for MaleSurvivor trainings are flexible, affordable, and MaleSurvivor speakers are available to travel anywhere.