The pain and damage caused by sexual abuse ripples out into the lives of anyone who is connected to a survivor. The long term effects of sexual abuse upon survivors can wreak havoc on the relationships we share with our families, our spouses, and even our children. And as hard as it may be for male survivors to find support, the sad truth is that it is often harder for our loved ones to find the support they need to heal as well.

MaleSurvivor recognizes that a holistic solution to healing the harms of male sexual victimization is incomplete without acknowledging and supporting our partners as well. If you are the loved on of a partner, know that MaleSurvivor is a resource for you as well. We invite you to review the resources we offer to the partners and parents of survivors:

Facts About Male Sexual Abuse – A short overview of some of the most important facts and statistics about male sexual victimization.

Family and Friends Discussion Forum We have a special discussion forum specifically created for the Family and friends of survivors. Here, partners in healing come together from all over the world in support of one another. Finding a community of support is essential to breaking through the isolation and shame that often impacts your lives as well, and we invite you to join the community there.

Information for Parents – We’ve created a special page just for parents who are looking for specific information to help them better protect their children from being sexually abused, and provide recommendations and resources for parents who children have been abused.  

Therapist Directory – MaleSurvivor’s Therapist Directory is a listing of hundreds of mental health professionals from around the United States and elsewhere who work with male survivors of sexual abuse. Oftentimes these professionals can be a vital source of information and clinical support for partners and family members as well.

Support Group Directory – A listing of both therapist led and peer led support groups.

Resource Directory – Links to International National resources and websites of partners in the work of healing.

Recovery Events for Partners – Since 2001, MaleSurvivor has been offering these professionally facilitated healing retreats for adult men who have experienced sexual abuse at any time in their lives.

Every other year we offer an advanced Weekend of Recovery (link to WOR Page) for survivors and their partners to explore aspects of our connections to one another that are often impacted by the long term damage caused by sexual abuse.

In addition, MaleSurvivor personnel offer workshops for partners of survivors to help them learn some of the unique challenges and pressures of male survivors in relationships. For more information on these workshops, contact [email protected]

HopeHealingSupport Team is ready to answer questions you have about the survivors in your life that you may not be ready to ask someone you know. The team are all trained volunteers with clinical supervision in the work of helping people heal from trauma.