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MaleSurvivor is a membership supported organization. Your membership is crucial both for the financial support your dues provide the organization, and our ability to show we are a growing and relevant force in the fight against sexual abuse.

Your membership makes it possible for survivors to have access to things such as our Weekends of Recovery, our chat and discussion board, our resource information, conferences, and other events.

Your decision to join with us makes it possible to let more people know about MaleSurvivor and our mission.

Members also gain access to member only discussion board forums, Member only pricing for Weekends of Recovery, conferences, and other MaleSurvivor sponsored events.

Professional members also have access to our professional forum, networking with other professionals working with MaleSurvivors, and unique interaction with survivors via our chat room, discussion boards and our Survivor/Professional conferences.

The combination of both professional and non-professional members has historically been one of the top reasons people find our organization so helpful and effective.

Thank you for joining MaleSurvivor.

Benefits of Membership

  • Discounts on Weekend of Recovery Registration Fees
  • Discounts on International Conference Registration Fees
  • Access to a private, “Members” discussion forum on the website
  • Invitations to special “Members” events such as hosted chats
  • The personal satisfaction of knowing that you are part of an extensive effort to support male survivors, educate others, and gain valuable new skills to help in your professional practice.
Membership Information
  • We do not sell, loan or rent out our membership information to anyone. Please read our privacy statement.
  • We hope you support what we're doing and want to join us. And if you have the time, we invite you to join a committee or two.