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Founders Legacy Fund

By donating to the Founders Legacy Fund, you will help to grow an endowment that will assure MaleSurvivor can continue its work in years to come. All donations to the Legacy Fund go into an endowment established for the long-term benefit of MaleSurvivor. Income generated by the interest earned on the basic principle of this fund is spent to maintain and improve programs for survivors.

The endowment fund is a long-term financial tool designed to help insure the stability and long term viability of MaleSurvivor. Our goal is to establish a large enough base of investments and revenue generating funds to someday fund the day-to-day operations of our programs and services, to expand the organization’s reach, and to develop new resources for survivors

This is truly a long-term effort and will most likely take many years before we see any results, but it is a crucial component if we are going to meet the challenges that future generations will face in confronting sexual abuse. With your support this fund will one day become the cornerstone of our mission. We have only touched the surface of what we need to be doing to prevent, heal, and eliminate all forms of sexual victimization. The founders envisioned that the legacy fund would someday help provide funding to educate, provide healing resources, fund research, and other such needs as are identified.

We all want to meet current needs and naturally have difficulty setting aside money for the decades to come. As such, support for this fund is ideally suited for estate planning, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, and other tax advantaged funding tools. That said, any donations to the legacy fund are welcome, but we ask that if you are making a smaller donation to the organization that you strongly consider making a donation to the General Fund.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss making a significant gift to the Legacy Fund in more detail.

Thank you for helping.

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MaleSurvivor is registered as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization TIN# 41-1831829, and donations to MaleSurvivor are tax deductible as allowed by US law.