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Men ARE Sexually Abused

According to the American Medical Association, "the sexual abuse of boys is common, under-reported, under-recognized, and understated." In fact, the best research indicates that as many as one in six men has been directly victimized sexually by the age of 16, with one in four reporting either direct of indirect sexual abuse. This is approximately the same as the proportion of men that develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. Anyone who has been abused should have access to healing resources. For many men, however, it is difficult to step out of the shadows.

  • Being identified as a sexual victim oftentimes leads boys and men to question their masculinity and/or sexual orientation. Many men would rather ignore the damage done than ask for help.
  • Men who have been abused oftentimes have great difficulty forming healthy relationships and asking for help in processing what has happened to them. This isolation can magnify the damage of the abuse many times over.
  • Not processing sexual abuse experiences can lead to depression, anxiety, severe relational problems, substance abuse, compulsive behavior, and family dysfunction.

How We Help

MaleSurvivor was the first, and remains the leading organization dedicated to helping provide men who have been abused with the resources they need to heal.

Your donations to MaleSurvivor are vitally important in our efforts:

  • Maintaining this web site with a wealth of information about male sexual victimization and the organization's many activities that generate visitors from across the globe.
  • Sponsoring an 800 number, 800-738-4181.
  • Offering Weekends of Recovery since 1998.
  • Publishing a quarterly newsletter.
  • Maintaining a national directory of resources for sexually abused men and boys.
  • Advocating for the needs of sexually abused males.
  • Sponsoring international conferences.
  • Training professionals.
  • Leading prevention work with abusers.
  • Creating a media presence.

MaleSurvivor has become a voice for sexually abused men.

  • We have been interviewed and quoted in, among others, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, MSNBC, and NBC News Channel.
  • See selected clippings here.

What You Can Do

You can play an important role in helping MaleSurvivor carry out its public awareness and healing work by making a donation today

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MaleSurvivor is registered as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization TIN# 41-1831829, and donations to MaleSurvivor are tax deductible as allowed by US law.