Articles by Survivors and Professionals

“I am not alone!”

Sexual abuse inflicts severe emotional and often times physical trauma. These are a burdens no human can easily carry alone. Yet the fear and shame many survivors share often lead to them life of silence, seclusion, and pain.

There is no longer a need to feel that you are alone. At MaleSurvivor we have been down the same road with the same feelings, fears, and seemingly overwhelming issues you have faced.

The simple act of your being here now indicates you are searching for answers, healing, recovery, and possibly a life you may not really believe you can ever have. There are thousands of other men who have walked the path you are on right now, and we can say with confidence that you are not alone and that healing is absolutely possible.

MaleSurvivor is committed to the healing and restoration of boys and men that have survived sexual abuse. We are committed to helping families and friends of survivors, and we are committed to educating, informing and preventing sexual abuse of anyone.

We are proud to host a discussion board and chat room on this site and invite you to explore these as well as all our resources. If you are searching for professional therapists we have a directory of professionals that have a special interest in helping survivors of sexual abuse.

We host conferences and our signature “weekends of recovery” program has helped countless survivors face the fears we all share and help us heal and recover from all the traumatic results of sexual abuse.