FACT #3 – A boy or adult man can experience an erection, sexual arousal, and even orgasm from abusive contact without being a willing participant or enjoying it.

“Sexual arousal is not an indication of guilt”

Another common dysfunctional message is:

Since I was sexually aroused during the abuse, I must have wanted it.

Perpetrators will do their best to manipulate the victim into believing this common myth. For physiological reasons, a male being abused often experiences sexual arousal. Unfortunately an erect penis is difficult to hide. The perpetrators often use that uncontrollable and involuntary physiological response as proof that you wanted the abuse and enjoyed it. Even when you experience physical pain, or you know inside something is very wrong, you can still experience sexual arousal. (p. 108)

from Joining Forces, Empowering Male Survivors to Thrive by Dr. Howard Fradkin

One of the dysfunctional messages male survivors become loyal to is believing that if they experienced sexual arousal during the abuse done to them, that means they are guilty and responsible for the abuse.