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Advisory Committee - Richard Gartner, Ph.D., Chair

The Advisory Committee is comprised of individuals whose expertise or experience with MaleSurvivor would be of benefit to the Board and the Organization. Senior members of the Organization and/or past Board members would be of value, as would members of relevant professions. This committee is to be called on as need arises. Ideally they would meet with the Board of Directors at our biannual conferences. Reports by this committee, to the President, are not required unless particular activities warrant it.

Christine Courtois, Ph.D.
Jane Flinn, Ph.D.
Laura Davis
Howard Fradkin, Ph.D.
Mic Hunter, Psy. D
Larry Morris, Ph.D.
Thomas Slocumb, J.D.
FBI Supv. Spec. Agent James Clemente *
Eli Zal, L.C.S.W.