MaleSurvivor recognizes that sexual abuse can happen at any time to any one.

While many of the men who come to MaleSurvivor are survivors of abuse that occurred in childhood (CSA), there are many survivors who experienced abuse as adults (ASA).

ASA survivors face many, if not most, of the same challenges that CSA survivors face. However many ASA survivors have shared with us in the past that there are often unique challenges and questions adult men who are victims of sexual violence struggle with. Most of the resources (all of the compassion and support!) found here are equally valid for survivors of adult abuse as well as survivors of abuse experienced in childhood.

We also offer the following resources specifically for survivors of abuse and sexual trauma experienced as adults.

ASA Forum – A discussion forum specifically reserved for those who experienced abuse as adults.

MST Forum – A discussion forum specifically reserved for male survivors of military sexual trauma.

Other resources for MST survivors:

PDF guides for Adult Survivors:
What do I – a male survivor who has been abused as an adult – need you to do if I tell you I have been sexually abused?

Other links that may be of Interest to some ASA survivors