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"It is not now, nor has it ever been your fault!"

Sexual abuse in any form is never the fault of a child or teenager. There is nothing you could possibly say, do, infer, ask for, or initiate that can remove the responsibility every adult has to protect and nurture children and teenagers.

Despite any instruction from anyone that has abused you, protected your abuser, encouraged you to keep silent, or in any way kept the fact of your being a victim to a vile criminal act from those that can help you, realize your life and your future is not theirs to manipulate or control.

You may feel afraid, alone, and wondering what to do or where to go. There are numerous resources in your local community, state, on this and other websites.

We encourage you to reach out to someone you can trust such as a teacher, relative, a friend's family, school counselors, local law enforcement and social service agencies.

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