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What to Bring for Your Stay at the Center for New Beginnings:

Here are a few things to consider that will make your stay for the Weekend of Recovery more enjoyable:

  • We advise loose, comfortable clothing –Atlanta this time of year is warm—70’s-80’s during the day; 50’s in the evenings.
  • Please bring your own toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc).
  • There is a no-smoking policy in all of the public spaces, in your bedrooms, and in the surrounding woods and meadows areas. If you need to smoke, please check with the reservations desk at the Center to identify for designated smoking areas.
  • Most cell phones should work fairly well. However, you may want to bring a calling card in case your service provider does not reach here. There are public access phones at the Center too.
  • There are great outdoor spaces to enjoy at The Center. Please practice the ethic of "leave no trace" – which means, anything you take outside should be with you when you return inside & be mindfully sensitive to make the minimal impact as you trek through any outdoor space.
  • Please bring a spare white t-shirt with sleeves –we ask that you donate this T-shirt to our Clothesline Survivor Art Project, although this is your choice. We will take time during the weekend for you to decorate the T-shirt with any artwork or message you want to share with other survivors (artistic talent is not a requirement; only the desire to send a message to others about your own journey is needed). We’ll display many of the t-shirts done by other participants of the weekend in the main meeting room.
  • A flashlight (for any nighttime strolls)
  • Rain gear (…in the event of rain )
  • A light Jacket
  • Sunscreen is advised
  • If you plan to participate in any hiking activities: Hiking boots (or shoes comfortable for easy hiking trails)
  • Feel free to bring any stuffed animals you like to keep you company. We usually have a wide array of furry friends at each weekend as well.
  • On Saturday night we offer a drumming and music circle. If you have a drum or other musical instrument you’d like to play or share with others, please bring it with you as well. We always appreciate it if someone nearby can bring a guitar.
  • Many participants take free time to journal. We will provide you with a free journal and pen, but if you have your own, remember to bring them along too.
  • Remember to bring any prescribed medications with you.
  • As a reminder, the Weekends of Recovery are an alcohol and recreational drug free zone, so please leave any of these substances at home.
  • Any lost & found items will be mailed back to you on request, and The Center will ask to be fully reimbursed for the postage.