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What to Bring for Your Stay at Hope Springs:

Here are a few things to consider that will make your stay more enjoyable:

  • As is typical in retreat housing, you will be sharing bedroom space with others and therefore less is more. We advise loose, comfortable clothing and layers for warmth. Ohio is typically warm (50-70) this time of year during the day, but it can get cooler (40's) in the evenings. Buildings are heated and air conditioned.
  • Bring indoor slippers or heavy socks since you'll be asked to remove your shoes at the entrance to each meeting space (the studio, cottage, farmhouse, and staff house) - consider what shoes to wear to ease slipping them on and off.
  • Linens, pillows and towels are provided for your bedroom, as well as a robe.
  • Shower soap, shower gel and shampoo is provided. Hair dryers also provided.
  • There is a no-smoking policy in all of the buildings as well as no smoking near entryways or open windows. A smoking area is located behind the farmhouse, and this is the only smoking area on the property, so please use this area only if you will be smoking during the weekend.
  • Cell phones don't work here. There are two phone lines you can use and Hope Springs has 60 minute phone cards for sale for $2. The facility phone number is 937-587-2602 if you want to give a number to others.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the studio. Re-fillable water bottles will be provided by MaleSurvivor.
  • Hope Springs offers 3 delicious vegetarian meals each day. Snacks, teas and coffees will be available all day. If you have any special dietary restrictions, please call Howard with these by Monday prior to the weekend, at 800-285-9397, ext. 11 or email Howard at hfradkin@malesurvivor.org.
  • Please pack a flashlight for evening hikes. There are plenty of walking trails so bring appropriate walking clothes and shoes. There are some hills on the property, but no real altitude to speak of.
  • This is optional: Please bring one plain white t-shirt ľadult size or kid size (not a tank) you would be willing to donate to our male survivor clothesline project..the clothesline is displayed during future weekends and also at MaleSurvivor awareness events and cnferences…during the weekend, we will give you time to decorate your t-shirt with a variety of art supplies…absolutely no prior art experience or design ability is needed for this…
  • Any lost & found items will be mailed back to you on request, and Hope Springs will ask to be fully reimbursed for the postage.
  • MaleSurvivor and Hope Springs have a no alcohol or non-prescription drugs policy. Please be sure to bring any prescription drugs you need as drug stores are quite a ways off.
  • Feel free to bring your camera for taking nature pictures. We will be at the height of the fall color change in Ohio, so the leaves should be beautiful. We request you reserve taking pictures of participants until the last day when we will arrange a group picture time.
  • Feel free to bring any musical instruments/drums you want to bring, as we'll have an optional drumming circle and campfire (weather permitting) on Saturday evening
  • Feel free to bring any furry stuffed animals to keep your company. The facilitators will also bring a stash of friends in case there isn't room in your suitcase.
  • We'll be providing each of you with a journal to use during the weekend. You can of course bring your own personal journal if you prefer.
  • Hope Springs is wheelchair accessible, walkways and ramps allow easy access and a scooter is available for your use as well. Let Howard know if you need the scooter so I can be sure it gets charged.
  • Please get the directions off the location page of the website at www.hopespringsinstitute.com