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MaleSurvivor is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law. View our Guidestar Information here.


You are not alone. Welcome to the MaleSurvivor community, which provides resources and support for men who were sexually victimized as children, adolescents, or adults.


Network with other professionals facing the unique challenges of working with male survivors while also learning from men who are themselves healing from sexual victimization.

Weekends of Recovery

Discover a personal sense of community on MaleSurvivor's Weekends of Recovery as you connect in safety to other men on personal healing journeys.


Your generosity can change lives. Join our mission to advocate for male survivors, help healing, and prevent sexual abuse. MaleSurvivor is unique. It endures through your support.

Featured Documentaries

Boys and Men Healing
by Kathy Barbini & Simon Weinberg
A Big Voice Pictures Production, 2010

Boys and Men Healing premiered at the MaleSurvivor 12th International Conference in New York City on March 19, 2010. It was our privilege to also welcome to the conference the three courageous men who were featured in the film, Mark Crawford and David Lisak, both of whom are members of MaleSurvivor, as well as Tony Rogers and film producer Kathy Barbini.

Boys and Men Healing is an excellent education and training resource that is now being distributed throughout the United States, as well as worldwide.


Back on Track - Men talking about Childhood Sexual Assault

Back on Track Men talking about Childhood Sexual Assault
by SECASA (South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault)

Back on Track is a unique uplifting short film about the healing journeys of men who have experienced childhood sexual assault. To view a trailer of this documentary, please click on the above graphic.

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Becoming an Affiliate Sponsor of the
MaleSurvivor 14th International Conference
Evolution: From Hurting to Healing

MaleSurvivor provides critical resources to male survivors of sexual trauma and all their partners in recovery by building communities of Hope, Healing and Support. When you partner with MaleSurvivor, your organization not only sends a strong message of your commitment to support millions of male survivors of sexual trauma and their loved ones, it also enables us to increase the quality of the programming and overall experience that we will be able to provide during our 14th International Conference.
Our 14th International Conference is scheduled to take place October 31 - November 2, 2014, at the Newark Airport Marriott Hotel, located in Newark, New Jersey. The conference theme will be, Evolution: From Hurting to Healing. The Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) is serving as sponsor of CEs for the conference.

About the MaleSurvivor Conference:

  • Our conference is the largest, and most established conference in the world with a primary focus on male sexual victimization. Our first professional conference on male sexual victimization was held in Minneapolis in October of 1988.
  • Since that time, MaleSurvivor has held 13 conferences, and has become the premier international professional conference on the topic. At the last conference in 2012, over 350 attendees from 20 countries came together to share their knowledge and show their dedication to the work of healing survivors heal.
  • MaleSurvivor conferences are special because they bring together professionals across many disciplines (psychology, social work, law enforcement, and others) with survivors and their partners in recovery to collaborate and connect with one another.

The 2014 conference will have eight emphases:

  • International and national work with refugees, the trafficked, prisoners of war, and victims services
  • Sexual abuse within institutions- educational, religious, athletic, military, child welfare, health care, criminal justice organizations, family structures and dynamics of abuse.
  • Psychotherapeutic and expressive arts approaches to healing
  • Personal journeys of healing
  • Managing substance abuse and self-medication
  • Fatherhood as a healing experience, a challenge, and an opportunity for growth
  • Partners of survivors
  • Creative inclusion & support of partners

What does it cost to be an affiliate sponsor?
Nothing! Our affiliate sponsor program is a great way for small and low-budget organizations to get exposure to the survivor and advocacy communities. An Affiliate Sponsorship Form accompanies this letter. Please feel free to contact us should you need additional information.

  • Affiliate sponsors agree to include our conference brochures in your general mailings, send information about this event to your email list(s) on our behalf, place a link from your website to our website conference announcement, and/or provide in-kind services.
  • Affiliate sponsors will be listed on the MaleSurvivor website, along with a direct link to your website, and your organization will be listed in all of our conference literature.
  • Affiliate sponsors are eligible for discounted conference registration as outlined on the attached sponsorship agreement.

Are there other sponsorship opportunities available?

Absolutely! We also need financial sponsors to help underwrite scholarships, A/V, and other associated conference costs. For a full list of opportunities, please visit the “Conference Sponsors” tab on the 2014 Conference Page on our website, or email me at

With thanks and regards,

Trisha Massa  
MaleSurvivor 2014 Conference Co-Chair  

MaleSurvivor National Organization against Male Sexual Victimization
4768 Broadway #527, New York, NY 10034 - 800.738.4181

Please click here to download the Affiliate Sponsor Form